Do you want to make a house in Barcelona province?

You do not know where to start…

Would you like to know how long it takes since the very first meeting until getting the keys?

Do you want to know how much it costs to make a house in Barcelona?



You should know that there are many building systems that affect the time and price of a house.

In the next two posts we tell you how long it will take you to make a house and how much it will cost you according to the traditional system.



The process of building a house with the traditional system from the first customer-architect visit until work can begin, can last between 8 and 12 months.

After the start of the project, the duration depends on factors as diverse as the complexity of the project, accessibility of the area, rain, supply of materials, organization capacity of the construction company, relationship and professionalism between the owner, architect and builder …

A clear advantage to avoid delays is to rely on the capacity of the technicians, the experience of the construction company and respect the communication channels client-architect, architect-builder and finally construction-workers.

In our study of architecture ERA architects we have estimated that the traditional construction process from ‘the first stone’ to move into the new home, can vary between 12 months and 4 years. This means that the entire process from the first visit to the architect to enjoy the new home can last between 1.5 years and 4 years. Below we make a summary of the approximate calendar for single-family housing in the province of Barcelona, ​​low-average quality <200m2 built:


week 0: Initial visit ‘onsite’ + delivery of topographic and geotechnical to the architect (2hr) (if there is topographic, you can add 2 to 4 weeks to the process described here)

week 1: Confirmation payment

week 5: Visit-Presentation of solutions + Choose Final Option + Delivery Budget of services + Signature of order (1hr)

Week 10: Project is delivered to the Official School

(The Official College can take between 7 days and 8 weeks to give its approval)

week 11/18: Project visa → (payment of college fees)

week 12/17: Final payment of the Execution Project → (…)

Week 14/18: Visit-Delivery of 1 printed copy of the Project of Execution + Delivery CD of the visa project (1hr)

Week 14/19: Project presentation to the corresponding City Council for its approval and subsequent license

(Although the municipalities are obliged to respond within 3 months, most municipalities usually request the first administrative and technical requirements just after the quarter.) Depending on the complexity of these requests, the rapid reaction of the architect and the attitude of the city ​​council technicians, the license may take between 4 and 6 months to be delivered)

Week 21: Visit-Delivery of Construction Material Execution Budget

week 28/40: Approved Project → Payment Taxes and Fees → Approved Works License → Payment Home Construction Management to the architect, 40% payment to the construction company

(start the work depends on the weather and the speed of the client in paying taxes, technicians and construction)

Week 32/44: Start of Work

week 48/60: Follow-up payment in the middle of the works (30% total execution) → Follow-up Works

Week 60/72: Pre-Construction Site Visit

Week 63/75: Checking touch-ups

week 64/76: Final payment execution of work → Delivery of keys



Hope this is helpful!

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