Positive home architect’s services

Full renovation in Barcelona

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step 1

Design process with 3 workshop sessions with you.

We deliver 1 final digital presentation including: plans (general and full installations), 3D views, positive home calculations, Virtual Reality model (walk through from computer, phone, tablet or VR glasses!), full & fixed renovation cost and general calendar and moving in date.


step 2

In this phase, you confirm the materials you’ve chosen with our personal shoppers in the showrooms. While you go shopping; we stay in studio to make your positive home happen soon. In studio we’re detailing the final document to apply for construction permit approval to the Barcelona City hall.
May you’ve already gone through phase 1 with us, you may access your files of this phase here:

step 3

With us, your positive home renovation construction final bill matches the initial quote. This is possible thanks to the team of professionals we’ve created after 15 years doing renovations in Barcelona. If you live abroad we send you weekly updates of the construction process.
May you’ve gone through phase 1 and 2 with us, you may access your positive home construction files here:

Afraid of your positive home renovation? Here a gift for you:

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Consultation Services

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I know you just need to ask 1 question and get a clear advice from a professional. No problem, let’s have a 20 minute life session online.
Ask anything you may need. I’ll give you my professional feedback live. After that session, I’ll send you a personalized email with specific advice, tips and links to help you on your project. Besides, may you hire us for your complete positive home renovation or new built design within the next 10days; then we’ll discount this first consultancy from that hired service.

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Property check by architect

Need to check a property by an  architect in Barcelona city before buying?. No problem, let’s have:

  • 1ut initial online session to understand your needs and worries (30 minutes)
  • 1ut visit on-site in Barcelona city (30 minutes)
  • 1ut property check REPORT (not official) including regulations, recommendations and list of steps
  • 1ut final online meeting to answer all your questions (30 minutes)
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Passive House AUDIT

Having doubts about your promised passive house or a positive home with an ‘A’ efficiency?. If you don’t certify your passive house in Barcelona, this is more common than you think. So let’s check that by having:

  • 1ut initial online session to understand your needs and worries (30 minutes)
  • 1ut visit on-site in Barcelona city (45 minutes)
  • 1ut blower door test 
  • 1ut property check REPORT (not official) including the blower door test report, photos, analysis of drawings, analysis of construction description on builder’s budget, final comments and conclusions
  • 1ut final online meeting to answer all your questions (30minutes)
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Support files

The perfect plot guide

10 tips to find the perfect plot

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Sustainability lectures in Barcelona in English

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Want to hire Esther for a lecture or jury?