What is the meaning of urbano land in Spain?

What is the meaning of urbanizable land in Spain?

What is the meaning of urbanizable land in Spain?

What are the differences and meaning of the land types in Spain?


In this post we explain the differences between the diverse types of terrains.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the creative architecture studios in Barcelona.
In this post you can find our simple explanation of the types of terrain in Spain so you may choose the one that fits your needs.


The first thing you need to know is that there are 3 types of site according to its urban plan and purpose:



It is a suitable land for building according to urban planning and territorial planning.
It has a minimal urbanization (street, sidewalk, sewer and lampposts).
Also with other basic connections such as water and electricity.
There are 3 categories of urban land:

• Consolidated (the center of a city)
• Urbanized (new urbanization with streets laid but no buildings)



Generally unbuilt land (without street, sidewalk, sewer and / or basic services of water and electricity)
Even so, they are open to the possibility of urbanization with the objective of absorbing the foreseeable growth of the city.
That is to say that in order for the city to grow, some land considered strategic because of its location, can become buildable (allowing you to build) if you assume the costs of urbanization.
Sometimes, the City can ask for the transfer of some part of the land for the development of public services.

• Ordered: urban land governed by a General Development Plan that defines in detail how it should be built.
• Sectorized: suitable to absorb the growth of the city. The City Council and the territory define the conditions of transformation with a Special Plan
• Non-sectorized: they are not included in any sector or special urban plan

If you are looking for land for your house, you can save on the value of the land by choosing Urbanizable over Urban considering the extra costs and uncertunties you will find.
In that case, you need to know that the cost of bringing sewerage, water and electricity can be very expensive since it is something that only supply companies are able to do so they have the monopoly and have very high prices.
Maybe you’re thinking ‘I do not need to be connected, it will be an off-the-grid house’. We love the idea and would love to join this adventure!
In that case you need to know that the process is also more complex, uncertain and may have other expenses.
Also you may consider the possible extra expenses of cleaning the road that gives acces to your house or even urbanize it to secure the access during winter and heavy rain.



Meaning Undeveloped Agricultural or Natural land.

They are incompatible with urban development.
It is forbidden to build on these lands.
In Catalonia, 94% of the surface of the territory is undeveloped land.

Besides that, in Catalonia there is Pla de Masies (meaning Farm Plan).
This is a special plan of the territory where each municipality identifies country houses that occupy historical agricultural land in order to transform them into urban land to promote their rehabilitation and development.


Our professional recommendation:

In our Architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, we recommend choosing your site under the category: Urbano and Urbanizable.
Some adventurers have gone into the illegal Rustic plots to find themselves in deep trouble.
This option is a very uncertain process that breaks couples and families who dare to venture…


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Hope this helps you on your search for a site to build a house in Barcelona.

Best of luck on this adventure.
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