What’s the costs and process of building a house in Barcelona?

In this post we explain the basic process and costs of building a house in Barcelona and Catalonia.
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You should know that there are many construction systems that affect time and price when making a house.
In the previous post ‘Timing process of building a house in Barcelona?’  we explained the process of building a house with the most common system in Spain during the last years. In this following post, we will tell you how much it costs to make a home based on the same system.



How much it costs to build a house in Barcelona?

In our architecture firm ERA architects we have estimated the costs for a medium-low quality house around 200m2, close to Barcelona, on a flat site without rocks with an easy site access ():

Prices shown here are a general estimation without taxes (+21%IVA).
Also mind that prices should be taken carefully since projects have different contexts and client demands, also materials have diverse qualities and prices also vary trough time and market.



Topographic Study € 700

Geotechnical Study € 500-1,500

Architect’s fee (project of execution and architect’s works directions) € 20,000



Quality surveyor fee € 10.000



Rate per urban license € 3,300

Taxes on Construction, facilities and works € 7,000

Deposit of waste € 500


MATERIAL EXECUTION (construction and materials of the house) € 199,000



Georeferenced map for write topographer € 200

New building deck 1,500 €

First occupation rate € 1,800

Habitability certificate € 108

Provision of supplies € 235


TOTAL € 244.843+ 21% taxes


There are other more innovative construction systems that can help you save time and money. For example the prefabricated wooden houses systems.



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