Do you want to install aerothermal with underfloor heating or fan coils in your home?

Do you want to know which of the two systems is more effective?

In this post we explain which system is more effective.



May you don’t know us yet, let’s have a quick introduction: we are ERA architects.
Actually, I am Esther Rovira, architect and passive house designer in Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra for either passive houses, efficient houses and positive houses.
In this post ‘Aerothermal with underfloor heating or fan coils?’, You will find our professional recommendation.
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What is more effective?

It is proven that Aerothermal heating in heating mode is more efficient with a radiant floor system.
In summer in warm-temperate climates, the most effective system is to ventilate or give a cold air aid.

However, at the end, it all depends.
Let’s use common sense, let’s share each case:

NEW CONSTRUCTION (family house)
If you are building the house of your dreams from scratch, you should prioritize the investment of your money in the comfort.
This means to have a passive house that invest few to reach the best comfort.
For Passive house in Spain in template climate, it is proven that flooring heating is not needed (not even in Lleida).
However, you must also ask yourself: will I need cold air in summer?
If you live in a shady side of Benasque, you may not need refrigeration in summer.
But if the house is in Castelldefels, it is very likely that you need cold air in summer.
My recommendation then is to install a mixed Aerothermal with either:
– fan coil for cooling ducts (they are better integrated than air conditioning splits)
– forced ventilation with a cold water cooler

If you are renovating your little apartment and you are not a Rockefeller, it may not be necessary to double your efforts by installing a heated floor.
In this case, I recommend you only install Aerothermal system through ceiling ducts.
So you can enjoy aerothermal heating and cooling in summer.
You can also add the production of hot water in the same machine.


Our professional recommendation:
Our experience tells us that in passive houses in warm-temperate climates, underfloor heating is an oversized effort that is not necessary to install (unless you fall in love with the warmth of your bare feet).
Even in passive houses in cold climates, we know of cases where underfloor heating has been installed and is not being used.
For these reasons, in our architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we recommend installing Aerotermia with fan coils through ducts as it is a more efficient system in both winter and summer.

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Hope this is helpful!

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