What is a Passive Ventilation System definition and price in Barcelona?

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What is a Passive Ventilation System?
It is a system to permanently and automatically renew the air in your home.
This guarantees indoor air quality with renewed air and avoiding stale environments with excessive levels of CO2.


Why Passive Ventilation System?
So your house is ventilated automatically without opening windows.
A house that does not open its windows in winter to ventilate can very easily increase levels of humidity and CO2.
Above 1000ppm it can be considered that the environment is loaded with bacteria and virus so the the air level is not of quality.
A good level of air quality is below 1000ppm in CO2, normally 650ppm is usually a good level of indoor air.
In a forest we can find levels of 400ppm.


How does Passive Ventilation System work?
It is a double tube system.
On one hand, the stale air is extracted from the house through the kitchen and the bathrooms (more humidity and smells).
On the other, the outside air is preheated by coming into contact with the expelled air (but without mixing it) before entering the house.
The incoming air is free of polluting particles as the very fine filters in the system retain much of the pollution.
This improves the air conditioning of the house making it extremely efficient and healthy.

What is the price of a Passive Ventilation System?

The price €/m2 is very difficult to define since it depends on the distribution of each room in the house.
To get an idea, a passive ventilation system machine for a house of about 150m2 is above € 3,000 + VAT (installation excluded).
For a small one-story house (1 living room, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 2 bedrooms), the material cost of the dual-flow controlled mechanical ventilation system amounts to € 4,000 + VAT (installation excluded).
It is a high investment system, but it can save up to € 2,500 a year in the cost of heating your home.
In fact, it is a system that is calculated to be amortized after 10 years of use.Ventilación mecánica controlada doble flujo Barcelona

My professional recommendation:
In our architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we always recommend making passive houses, positive houses or very efficient houses with a passive ventilation system with a heat recovery unit.
We also recommend using F7 filters that better retain pollutants.
Finally may you have extra budget, you can also add special filters to retain pollen particles (and finally have springs without allergies).

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