What is a wheel chair house in Barcelona?

What are the standards of design for accessible houses in Barcelona?

Why is accessibility important?

Do you want a house that suits your needs when you get older?

You have heard some accessibility, but is the information you find not sufficiently clear and synthesized?

Do not know where to start?


In this post we explain the basic notions of wheel chair accessible houses.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the young, committed and creative architecture studios in Barcelona.


What is an accessible house?

The accessible house is that house that all people can use regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities.
This means that it is a house that can be used by a person who is in a wheelchair or a person with visual, auditory or psychic deficiencies.



Why is accessibility important in your home?

We all get older and your house is something that you want to be by your side taking care of and pampering yourself. Accessibility is important because it makes your life easier not only when you grow older, but also when you break your leg or even when you feel a little dizzy.


What should an accessible house fulfill?

  • Unobstructed access (no steps or steep slopes)
  • Aisles width of more than 80cm
  • Neutral colors
  • Access and well-lit interior
  • Sliding doors
  • Embedded handles
  • Lateral access to the 80cm minimum bed
  • The height of the bed is smaller than 58cm
  • Bathroom and walk-in shower
  • Access to shower of 80 cm minimum
  • Odorless seat less than 48cm
  • Shower with seat
  • Manual shower head
  • Sink with maximum height of 85cm and bottom space of 75cm
  • Lavatory faucets with lever system
  • Kitchen with a maximum height of 80cm and a bottom space of 75cm
  • Kitchen cabinets with height between 40 and 140cm


How much does an accessible house cost?

In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects we collaborate with local wheelchair manufacturers such as Karma mobility that have ergonomic chairs design. Thanks to their advice, we have proven that a new small house of 50m2 with simple accessibility in entrance, corridors and bathroom, can cost  € 1,000 more than a standard house.

If you want a house with universal accessibility with gadgets also in kitchen, closets … then count € 5,000 more onward.


In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, we recommend making accessible houses that take care of you and pamper you when you need it.

You may check out our online house editor CasaAPP to see prices and types of passive houses in 3D. Or download house editor APP in Google Play (only for Android tablets for now, sorry!).
(the WEB editor takes 3 minutes to load. You may not be able to load if you don’t have a powerful computer: so sorry, we are working to improve the APP)


Hope this post helps you!
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Esther Rovira