What is Virtual and Augmented Reality? What’s the price in Barcelona?

Do you want to hire an architect with virtual and augmented reality services?

Do not know where to start?

In this post we explain basic notions and differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
In case you still do not know us, we introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the young, committed and creative architecture firms in Barcelona.
In this post you can find our professional and simple explanation about these digital tools.


What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) today is like placing a screen very close to your eyes. It’s about putting on some screen-glasses that allow you to immerse yourself in a digital world where you can walk, look up and down (360º) and even be able to open a door.


What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (RA) is a bit more complex than virtual reality, since it combines computer graphics with the real world.
The best way to understand it is to play Pokemon GO.


How RV and the RA helps me in my home project?

The visualization is key to the confirmation of the project.
It is very complicated to feel comfortable investing your money with a project only visualizing with plans, drawings, complicated memories, presupeustos badly specified … The visualization of details in RV and RA allows the automatic verification of your house and all the details both in the exterior as in the interior. This avoids many future problems.


What’s the price?

Being a service in constant development, it is not a cheap service.
The reason is that there is no automatic way to generate a 3D model, put materials, illuminate it and use a platform to display it.
In our architecture studio ERA architects, we charge a minimum of € 2,500 + VAT to see your home in your augmented reality and enter digitally to see it with furniture, curtains and a bowl of fruit on the table. So you can go from dreaming at home to make it happen (at least digitally).


In our firm of Architecture ERA architects Barcelona, we recommend to visualize your house in the land using RA and also to enter your house in RV before quoting.

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