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The facade inspired in LGTBI diversity

Color facade
Color facade
color fa

We were asked with a nice and simple project: to refurbish an old editing site in the left Eixample neighbourhood of Barcelona.
The owner was not so concerned about the use, but the interest to add value with a creative installation.

The original garage-style site already had lots of magic.
During the first visit we found an endless number of footballs that had sneaked in from the schoolyard next door.
When we returned them to the other side of the wall during the break, we were very happy to hear the surprise of
the children who were reunited with their lost balls.

The limited budget for this first phase made us focus all the efforts in the backyard and its facade.
It is essential to create a façade that lets light in all year round.
We take the location in Gay-xample neighbourhood of Barcelona to create the opportunity to install a
colorful facade using Non-Binary Gender flags in order to claim diversity.
The final façade was chosen through social networks, installing the most popular combination chosen in our Instagram and Facebook.

Each project allows us to take up the history of each place, but also offers
the opportunity to inspire a possible future of the place, the neighbourhood, the city and society.
On one hand, from the past we wanted to make a tribute to the old editing company that hosted the site by
using color in a unique way. On the other, we wanted to take this project as an opportunity to value diversity.
We would like diverse groups in decisions taking flows.
We would like leaders capable of seeing beyond the ordinary, putting themselves in the shoes of the other and
creating innovative solutions for an advanced society capable of celebrating the difference.
We would like to promote a gender-free education and social norms by showing this large Trans-color panel towards the school courtyard.
Because as Judith Juanhuix says:

‘Gender is defined by social norms;
we must release gender from these permissions,
we must turn gender into a right.’
Judith Juanhuix, transgender mother and doctor in bio-physics

We have use the prefix trans- to name this project as in
transpyrenea or transform… due to its connotation of ‘beyond’, ‘on the other side’, ‘through’
In this way, Trans-COLOR means : ‘beyond the facade’, ‘on the other side of color’, ‘through others’

Color facade

The final façade was chosen through social networks, installing the most popular combination chosen in our Instagram and Facebook.

TRans-COLOR social Media

Team: Esther Rovira, Jorge Martín, Beatrice Bresciani
Foto: Esteve Serra 

Builder: Seframa

Special Materials:  Verdalia, Ironlux, Rmg

PRESS:  Designboom, AD, diario Design


ERA architects
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