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passive house barcelona ERA architects

In ‘Passive House with natural materials in Barcelona’, I explain you the main focus of a passive house project with natural materials close to Barcelona.

Elisenda and Laura contacted us looking for an architect designer
for their passive house Passive House in Barcelona.

They needed an efficient little house.
We proposed a small, but spacious and open-plan house with wood and cork.

This lightweight half-timbered house has super insulated facades and roofs and cork, wood and single-pane finishes.
The house turns to the South-East sunbathing in winter and is protected to the West to avoid overheating.
The insertion of the house minimizes the movement of earth and takes advantage of them to level the ground.
Rainwater is collected to contain it in a buried tank.
The gray waters are separated and solar energy is added with photovoltaic plates.

The spaces are interconnected even though they are segregated.
The entrance has a coat and shoe closet.
The open living room features a double sided wood burning fireplace.
The kitchen opens to the indoor dining room and this opens to the outdoor dining room.
The ground floor also has a small room and an accessible bathroom with the character of a laundry room and access to the tender area.
On the first floor we find the rooms: a suite with views and a guest room.
The first has a dressing room, bathroom, terrace and fireplace.
The second room has a separate entrance and a multifunctional character.

casa pasiva barcelona ERA architects
arquitecto casa pasiva barcelona ERA architects 02
casa pasiva ERA architects
casa pasiva barcelona ERA architects
arquitecto casa pasiva barcelona ERA architects
casa pasiva ERA architects

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