Project Description

The sustainable Starlight Hotel is a glamping with cabins to see the stars.

The cabins have been designed to be very efficient in cold or temperate climates.
They include a light wooden structure, a waterproof and breathable roof based on natural finishing,
no thermal bridges, efficient windows with sun protection (and easy to clean!),
hermetic interior, great insulation in walls and ceiling, insulated foundation,
rainwater harvesting, wood finishes, cross ventilation,
South orientation, natural drainage and native vegetation.

The small cabins of the sustainable Starlight Hotel are equipped with everything
for the comfort of a getaway with your life partner, family or your gang of friends.
Includes small kitchen, private bathroom, sofa-bed for 2,
loft with double bed, dining room for 4 people, outdoor dining area,
outdoor solarium, an outdoor spa shower and bath, fireplace with wood fire and
skylight to see the stars from the bed.

sustainable hotel designer Barcelona ERA architects 01
sustainable hotel designer Barcelona ERA architects
sustainable hotel designer Barcelona ERA architects

Architect’s note:

The hotels and glampings of the future will be sustainable.
The tourism and construction sectors have a great impact on the environment.
You may be interested in these data:

The carbon footprint of tourism in Barcelona
of the year 2018 was 9,578,359 tons of CO2.

In Europe and Spain, construction consumes
40% of natural resources.

To build the future we must start by improving our present.
With small steps, we can create a better future for those little people who have already been born.
Your new projects can also be a success for the environment.

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