Passive Ventilation systems avoid COVID particles

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Passive Ventilation systems avoid COVID particles

Can Passive Ventilation systems avoid COVID particles?

In this post I tell you what system you should buy to breathe air without bacteria or viruses.

In case you do not know us yet, I introduce myself, I am Esther Rovira, founder of ERA architects, architect in Barcelona and passive house designer for passive houses, efficient houses and positive houses in Barcelona and Catalonia.
In this post ‘Mechanical ventilation without COVID particles’, you will find our professional vision of the VMC system that best prevents COVID-19 particles.
I hope it helps you!


More people = more virus
According to the UN, in 2050 68% of the world’s population will live in cities.
This is 2,500,000,000 people.
This makes me think that we will surely overcome COVID, but that other viruses will come.

Renew indoor air
The new normal involves renewing the air in enclosed spaces to prevent the spread of infections.

Mechanic ventilation
Dual-flow controlled mechanical ventilation systems extract stale air and renew it with fresh, filtered air.
If you also add a heat recovery unit, the blown air is closer to the comfort temperature, saving on air conditioning.

Mechanical ventilation without COVID particles
Other more sophisticated controlled mechanical ventilation machines use highly efficient membrane enthalpic exchangers.
This exchanger is made of a material that also exchanges moisture in the form of water vapor.
According to the tests carried out, the system does not exchange viruses or bacteria.

How does it work?
The hermetic two-layer membrane blocks biological particles larger than 25nm (COVID particles are 125nm in diameter).
According to the tests, after 1 hour of forcing the passage of liquid through the membrane with a pressure of 6,800Pa; the virus did not penetrate.


My professional recommendation:
In our Architecture studio in Barcelona we recommend installing double flow controlled mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, F7 filters and CORE enthalpy membrane, especially if you live in a city.
This way you block the polluting particles (both outside and by viruses of the people you invite to your dinners) and avoid the contamination of your home.

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Hope this is helpful!
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