What is a geotechnical study price in Barcelona and Andorra?

In this post we tell you the basics of a geotechnical study.

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In this post ‘Geotechnical study price in Barcelona and Andorra’, you will find our professional recommendation.
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What is a geotechnical study?
It is a study to know the content of the terrain.
Samples of the terrain are taken at different points in order to understand where the solid materials are found where we can hold our building.

What is it for?
To calculate the structure, foundations and earthworks of any construction.

Is it mandatory to build a house?
If you want to obtain a license to build your house: YES, it is mandatory.
(In addition, it helps us to make a design according to the type of terrain).

What is the price?
In our Architecture studio, ​​we are offering the geotechnical study in Barcelona province for € 949 + VAT (-20% to our subscribers) under these conditions:
– constructions with less than 4 floors and a constructed area of ​​less than 300m2
– flat terrain T1, with easy access, clear of vegetation and 1m wide access everywhere with no steps
– plot without buildings
– in Barcelona province (other locations in Catalonia consult) Add 500€ if Andorra
– hire us as your architects for your passive house project
This price includes the Institute taxes.

My professional recommendation:
Before starting with the design of the house, ask for the geotechnical study of the land and give it to your architect.
So the design of your house or building will be consistent with your pre-existing conditions (and that is, digging in a rocky terrain can increase your budget by up to 20%).
You can also do a geobiological study of the terrain to be able to locate the best rest areas where to locate the rooms.

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