Topographic survey price in Barcelona and Andorra?

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Topographic survey price in Barcelona and Andorra?

Topographic survey price in Barcelona and Andorra?

What is a topographic survey and how much does it cost?

In this post we tell you the most basic of topographic surveys.

May you don’t know us yet, let’s have a quick introduction: we are ERA architects.
Actually, I am Esther Rovira, architect and passive house designer in Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra for either passive houses, efficient houses and positive houses.
In this post ‘Topographic survey price in Barcelona and Andorra?’, You will find our professional recommendation.
I hope it helps you!


What is a topographic survey?
A topographic survey is a graphic representation of a part of the earth’s surface.
(We mean that part of planet earth that is your precious land!)

What types of topographic survey exist?
Summing up a lot in technicalities, it basically boils down to 2:
It is the description of the surface that is made through plans that specify the lines and height of the terrain relief.
This is the most widespread option, but there are also other more technological formats for other contexts.
For complex contexts of historical and natural heritage we can opt for a 3D laser scanner with drones (Fliiiipa! -Bart Simpson would say-)
Laser scan surveys are used for complex contexts where it is essential to know the existing reality in the smallest detail.
As for example in caves, cathedrals or glampings.
It is a scanner to virtually reproduce a complex reality.

What should a topographic survey include?
First, you must include the boundaries of the parcel, electric poles, streetlights, large trees, survey lines and its level above sea.
Also be on a scale equal to or greater than 1/250.
Finally, you must include the UTM ETRS89 coordinates collected with a GPS to be able to georeference your plot or land.

What is the price of a topographic survey?
The price of the topographic survey varies according to the square meters of your land or plot.
For a land of up to 1,000m2 in metropolitan Barcelona, ​​the price of the topographic survey is approximately € 550 + VAT (without a visa, which is not usually necessary).
It is essential to maintain this price, having the land cleared and with easy access both at the entrance and throughout the plot.


My professional recommendation:
Before making a new house, it is worth knowing the terrain in detail to understand the context.
In our architecture studio in Barcelona we do the topographic survey and the geotechnical study before making our first proposal.
For a simple reason: to make a project consistent with the natural context and the economic context of our clients.

Let me shar a story with you:
On more than one occasion, we have been called with projects about to be built and very out of budget.
These projects included retaining walls and large excavations.
On these occasions, we re-do the project from the beginning to minimize earth movement and make a project more in line with the natural, landscape and economic context.

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Hope this is helpful!
Best of luck on this adventure.
See you on the next post,


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