What does Europe’s strategy say towards climate neutrality in 2050?

In this post I tell you what’s strategically specified in Europe in relation to climate change and the Architecture and Construction sector. Here you will find our review of this strategy and its impact on the sector.

In case you still don’t know us, let me introduce our studio: we’re ERA architects, the English speaking green architecture studio to call in Barcelona.
Actually, I’m Esther Rovira, an architect in Barcelona and a passive house designer for new sustainable builds and big green renovations in Barcelona and Catalonia.
In this post you’ll find all the essentials from our professional point of view.
I hope this helps you!

I hope this post helps you!


During the European commission in Brussels 2018, a roadmap was defined to achieve certain objectives in the fight against climate change.
We have summarized the roadmap for the Architecture and Construction sector in 5 points:

1) Reality
The air conditioning of buildings takes the highest percentage of energy consumption in the EU, with 40% of the total in 2015.
80% of the homes of 2050 already exist today.

2) The key
Insulating existing buildings will play a key role in decarbonisation by reducing the energy consumed in air conditioning.

3) Other criteria that will help moderate energy consumption
They will also help moderate energy consumption:
– the improvement of more efficient products and appliances
– smarter buildings
– The change in people’s consumption model will help moderate energy consumption.

4) Home energy trends
There will be a fuel shift towards renewable heating: electricity, district heating (produced from renewable sources), renewable gas and solar thermal energy).
Also noteworthy are biogas, hydrogen (up to a certain proportion) or e-methane produced from renewable electricity are renewable gaseous fuels that could play a role in existing buildings without changing the current transmission / distribution network and the type of appliances. .

5) Integrated Approach
An integrated approach and coherence in all relevant policies will be necessary for the modernization of the built environment and the mobilization of all actors.
This is a sine qua non condition for involving citizens and businesses in the necessary renovation activities.


My professional recommendation:
It seems that Europe is going to force sooner or later to isolate all existing buildings.
Right now you can find aid for the rehabilitation of buildings to insulate them thermally.
But it is very likely that in 5-10 years it will be forced and without help.
If you are an owner, I recommend that you take advantage of the current aid that covers up to 45% of the cost (there are also discounts on personal income tax and IBI).
Having assets that are out of date with future regulations will be a burden for the owners.

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Hope this is helpful!
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