What’s a EIFS facade and what’s its price?

In this post I tell you what a facade with EIFS is and its price.

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In this post you’ll find all the essentials from our professional point of view.
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What is EIFS?
Exterior insulation and finish system is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated. It consists of sticking insulation panels to the wall with a special adhesive.
To protect the insulation, a monolayer cement finish is given on a mesh.

Consists in:
1) Enclosure
2) Thermal insulation
3) Armor
4) Base plaster
5) Priming
6) I revoke



Most used insulations:

The most common is to place rock wool panels.
It is a cheaper material because it is more toxic and less insulating than other natural materials.
The price of EIFS with rock wool in Barcelona and Catalonia is between €70-90/m2+VAT (includes materials, installation, labor and simple scaffolding)

It can also be made of cork panels.
This is an option of biological material with great thermal insulation capacity.
For cork you must add about €15/m2 more to the previous price.


My professional recommendation:
Choose EIFS when you need to renovate a non-Heritage-listed facade in Barcelona.  You’ll gain insulation, comfort and money! (especially on the South and West facades in Barcelona city).
You can choose EIFS also for your new construction house in Barcelona over CLT wood structure to have a natural structure system and a traditional facade finishing.

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