What kind of facade materials are used for a house in Barcelona? What’s the price?

Which are the most recommended?

In this post we explain the types of facades and our recommendations.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the young, committed and creative architecture studios in Barcelona.
In this post you can find our simple explanation of the facade materials for your house and our professional recommendations.

Maybe you’re interested to know that this is the 4th post in a special series of Facades.
We leave here the 3 previous post by order: ‘Facades’, ‘Ventilated facade’ and ‘Insulating’
In these posts we tell you the reasons to recommend the ventilated facade for your house.
This facade can have a wide range of finishing materials (also called exterior cladding).

We do not want to make a super list of all the materials of the market, but present our professional and personal selection.
This selection contains finishes from the cheapest in the market to the most expensive.
They all have something in common, and it is their good value for money and their aesthetic and creative capacity.
In summary, which are the ones we like and recommend to all our clients.


Here we explain the types of finishes for a ventilated facade.
We can distinguish between format and material.
Prices shown here are only for the material without installation nor taxes (21%).
Also mind that prices should be taken carefully since materials have diverse categories, qualities and prices also vary trough time and market.



Large format highly recommended for artificial materials.

Comfortable format to transport and install very extended in wood.

Format to handle heavy or fragile materials such as stone and ceramics.

Format of high aesthetic qualities.



Matte pre-lacquered semi-matt steel panels in any RAL color and both vertical and horizontal configuration.
Very competitive price and great aesthetic effect.
Price from: from € 55 / m2 + VAT

We like wood very much.
In our study we differentiate this facade material into 3 categories ordered by quality and price: mechanized slats, solid wood and scales.
Price from: from € 65 / m2 + VAT up to € 350 / m2 + VAT or more …
We will tell you more details in a following post.

Recommended in tile format for easy handling and avoid corner breakage.
We do not usually place it and we do not have updated data.

Large format panels based on cement and wood fiber.
Its competitive price and its 4 colors in 4 textures offer a differentiated option and aesthetics.
Price from: from € 80 / m2 + VAT

They are panels of large format and minimum thickness based on acrylic resins.
They have a wide range of colors and textures.
It is important to leave together to ensure ventilation.
Price from: from € 144 / m2 + VAT

We love stone but it is heavy and restrictions in design and configuration.
Lately we like very much the panels of stone of big format and minimum thickness based on powder of pressed natural stone.
They have a great variety, the pieces are semi-manageable and the effect is very elegant.
Price from: from € 155 / m2 + VAT
With one of these pieces we made the oval table of 3.60m and 1.5m with a thickness of 12mm in the attic of Paseo de Gracia.
We love it!


In our study of Architecture ERA architects, we recommend choosing one of these materials as a finish for the ventilated facade of your home.
In the following publications, we will tell more extensively these types of facade finishes.
We read next week!


Hope this post helps you!
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