CLT wooden house

What is a CLT wooden house? What is the €/m2 price?

In this post we explain the basic notions in design, architecture, construction and prices of houses made with CLT wood.

In case you still don’t know us, let me introduce our studio: we’re ERA architects, the English speaking green architecture studio to call in Barcelona.
Actually, I’m Esther Rovira, an architect in Barcelona and a passive house designer for new sustainable builds and big green renovations in Barcelona and Catalonia.
In this post you’ll find all the essentials from our professional point of view.
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What is the CLT?

CLT stands for Cross Laminated Timber.
It can be translated as Contralaminated Wood Panel, cross-laminated wood or contralaminated board.
It is a wooden panel used in construction made of layers of solid wood laminated and glued.
Each layer is cross-glued to the previous one.



  • self-supporting panel (stands on itself)
  • allows long distances without pillars
  • naturally regulates humidity and prevents condensation
  • natural material
  • dry application, clean and easy to install
  • modular mounting system
  • high rigidity
  • great bracing
  • great solidity


CLT is a heavy and large product.
A crane is needed to matipulate the panels or six very strong people.
It is also an expensive system compared to other timber house systems (for example light timber framed panels are proportionally much cheaper).


How much does a CLT wooden house cost?

The CLT can have a wide variety of qualities, thicknesses…
Our suppliers of CLT wood panels are the best on the market as the wood comes from a saw mill with its own forests in the Catalan Pyrenees.
The price of the CLT panel varies according to its use and system:

  • INTERIOR WALLS €104/m2
  • ROOF €205/m2
  • Transport and assembly: from €10,000 onwards (depending on parts breakdown, crane, location, accessibility of the land…)

In short, to make the basic structure of a house of approx 200m2 built on two floors, using CLT wood panels; it will cost you no less than €100,000 +21% VAT.
This includes only the enclosing structure. That is to say the supply, transport and assembly of the exterior walls, interior walls, floor and roof.
You must include foundations, installations and exterior (facade) and interior finishes.


Our professional recommendation:

As Architects in Barcelona, ​​we recommend making CLT wooden houses for high-rise buildings and/or diaphanous houses with large distances between supports.
If you want a house made of CLT wood panels, we recommend that you also consider making it a passive house or a positive house. Here an example of a house with CLT we’re finishing in 2024 close to Tarragona.

How to start?

The most efficient way to start is to have an online call with us. No matter where you’re in the process we’ll be able to help you even to find a plot close to Barcelona or design your positive home worldwide. In this way we’ll recommend you what next steps need to be taken or even delegating you to a mortgage lender in Spain. Let’s talk here.
If you’re too shy to talk to us, no problem, here I have a gift for you: 3 FREE tips for your CLT house to be a total success.


Hope all this is helpful!
Best of luck on this adventure.
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