What’s an YTONG house and price €/m2 in Barcelona?

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In this post ‘Ytong house and price €/m2 in Barcelona‘, you will find our professional recommendation.
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What is YTONG?
YTONG is a building material and system based on aerated concrete blocks.
Aerated concrete is made from silica sand, lime, cement and water.
There are different densities (350kg / m3 and 700kg / m3).

– light thermal insulator (thermal conductivity YTONG = 0.045W / mK)
– high resistance to fire (up to class A1)
– regulates the diffusion of humidity (regulates humidity and condensation better than normal concrete but to a lesser extent than wood, which is highly breathable)
– chemical free (100% natural mineral raw material)
– can be fully recycled clean and easy application mounting system similar to masonry (a trowel will know how to put it)

– is a great system for making simple, very conventional houses with small windows and box-like design.
– But if the idea you have of your house is to add some element outside the strictly standard, you will have configuration problems because YTONG does not have much adaptability.
– That is, if you want balcony windows, slightly larger stairwells, mezzanines and double spaces, you must combine the YTONG with other systems such as steel beams, lintels …

How much does YTONG cost?
The price is € 45 / m2 of wall, compared to € 35-40 / m2 of concrete block wall or perforated ceramic brick.
That is, to make a house of approx 350m2 built on one floor, few windows and small ones, without attics or stairwells using the YTONG system; It will cost you no less than € 90,000.
If you are looking for a YTONG quote for your small project, you will find prices at Leroy Merlin.
If your project is large, please contact your official Ytong distributor.

Our professional recommendation:
In our architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we recommend making YTONG houses when the design of the house is simple and box-like.
May you want an ytong house house, we recommend that you also consider it to be a passive house, a positive house or a very efficient house.

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Since November 2020, we have posted the weekly follow-up of a passive house work made with ytong on our Instagram stories.


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