What is a Smart House? What’s the price in Barcelona?

Do you want a smart home that automatically adapts to your needs at all times?

You have no clue where to start with smart home services in Barcelona and Catalonia?

In this post we tell you the basic notions and prices to make your house a Smart House with domotic systems.
In case you do not know us yet, let us introduce ourselves.
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What is a Smart House?

Domotics is the use of computerized systems to control basic functions of the home automatically and also remotely.

The term domotic comes from the union of the words domus (which means house in Latin) and autonomous (from the Greek, “that governs to himself”).

It could be defined as the integration of technology in the smart design of your home.



Why choose a Smart Home?

Home automation systems make easier to managing your home.

You may control aspects such as the energy management of your home, security, comfort, temperature, lighting, communication …

The best thing is that you can manage this management manually not only from inside but also from the other side of the world. You may also let the house self-manage according to the outside climate, possible threats and / or levels of pollution and pollen.

Even though it may feel scary to seem you are living inside a Black Mirror episode, these resources make easier to manage your home and your daily life.

May you want to avoid the scary side, just mind to avoid implants 😉


Let’s put some examples:

It’s summer and it’s hot. Your home sets the blinds in shaded mode automatically so it does not warm too much.

It’s been snowing for 3 days, but you don’t know this since you’re flying back from the Gili Islands from take off year. Luckily your home automation knows you are on a few hours away and it has just started to warm itself up.

You are not in your house and someone is trying to get in. Your house warns you so you can send a voice message to the person trying to break in. If it’s your son that has forgoten the keys again you are able to let him inside. If instead he is a thief, you may block the house, send the police or send your superhero neighbour.


What’s the price?

In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects we have proved that for a small house of 50m2 with simple home automation (blind control, lighting, thermostat and some plugins) it takes € 2,500 including the programming. If you want to control everything with your smart phone, then add € 800.

If you want a fully customized home automation that collects data, tell you the pollution and pollen level that is outside, slowly wakes you up on Sunday by raising blinds and playing music.. Count from € 4,000 ahead.



In our ERA architecture architects firm in Barcelona, we recommend making home domotics to have a Smart House.

You may check out our online house editor CasaAPP to see prices and types of smart and passive houses in 3D. Or download house editor APP in Google Play (only for Android tablets for now, sorry!).
(the WEB editor takes 3 minutes to load. You may not be able to load if you don’t have a powerful computer: so sorry, we are working to improve the APP)


Hope this post helps you!
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