Green roof and price €/m2 in Barcelona

Green roof and price €/m2 in Barcelona

What is a green roof? What’s the price €/m2 in Barcelona?

What are the types of green roofs?

What is the most recommended green roof type?


In this post we explain the vegetable covers also called green, landscaped or ecological.
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In this post you can find our professional and simple explanation of vegetable covers.


What is a green roof?
Flat or sloped inverted roof with plant finish.
A distinction is made between extensive and intensive plant coverings.


What are the types of green roofs?

There are two types: extensive ecological or intensive landscaping.

The extensive ecological roof is that with a carpet of very low maintenance plants.
These plants are usually succulent plants that come from the cactus family and have a very good resistance in extreme climates, both cold and hot.

The intensive landscaped roof uses taller plants, lively shrubs or trees. We usually use grasses. The aromatics also generate a great opportunity to create ecosystems of bees and butterflies.

We can also consider a semi-extensive roof that is the combination of the previous two with areas of coarse plants and other shrub areas.


What is the most recommended green roof type?
It depends on the place of construction, its climate and also the program of the building.
Even so, in ERA architects we recommend the Inverted Flat Roof combining areas of low maintenance vegetation with native crassas precultivadas respecting the environment and nature.
May this sound a bit complex, let us explain ourselves a bit better:

  • Flat roof is the roof that with a minimum inclination between 2-8% because it is able to stay waterproof and repel rainwater with a minimum slope.
  • Inverted roof is the cover in which the thermal insulation protects the waterproofing sheet. This is possible to an innovation with respect to the traditional and that makes the waterproof sheet is protected and the cover is a little ventilated. Therefore the condensations are eliminated, the dilatation, cracks and aggression of the impermeable sheet are diminished. It is also better protected and its maintenance is more comfortable.
  • Green roof is a landscaped cover with plant elements. There are many types of cover systems at the same time as plants to choose from.


In our Architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, our main goal is the total success of the project and the construction works. For this reason we recommend to the green roof for either efficient or passive houses.

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