Glazing in a positive house

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Glazing in a positive house

What glazing is best for positive house?

How does glazing insulate?

How is glazing airtight?

How is glazing free of thermal bridges?


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Glazing in a Positive House

In a passive and positive house, a special glass is used to insulate and to regulate the extra heat from summer.
This glass is called low emission glass (low-e).

Technicalities aside, this glass has two special abilities: it’s insulted and could capture the Sun’s energy in a controlled way.
Let’s dig into it to see how this is achieved.


1) Glazing Insulation

Your home window’s glasses need to be insulated. But, how to do that, right?

Glazing is insulated by using a camera between glasses (sometimes even 2 cameras).
In a passive house, that camera needs to have a special air (Argon 90%) with very high insulating properties.

This caused the heat in winter to be retained inside the house.


2) Glazing Airtightness

Since the glass is manufactured in a factory under very controlled conditions, its perfectly sealed, then 100% airtight (if not the gas inside would go away).

3) Glazing with no thermal bridges

The glass barely has any thermal bridges.
The only thermal bridge it is given by the spacer separating the glasses to create the camera.



Our professional recommendation:

Ask your architect to deliver the glazing composition.
Including also the Ug value and the g value.

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