Build or renovate a green home?

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Build or renovate a green home?

Build or renovate a green home?

What is best? Building a single-family house? or renovating to go green?

Is it better to build or to renovate?

May you don’t know us yet, let’s have a quick introduction: we’re ERA architects.
Actually, I’m Esther Rovira, architect and passive house designer in Barcelona, Catalonia and Andorra for either passive houses, efficient houses and positive houses.
In this post ‘Build or renovate a green home?’, you’ll find our professional recommendation.
I hope it helps you! Let’s go!


Build or renovate?
Let me save you time: if you are only interested in saving money and not getting a sustainable home for your family; then you can go to the renovation option and stop reading now.
If you instead want to do an investment for your family to live healthier in a green home, you are in the correct post.

Build or green renovation?
That’s the dilemma when considering a better home for your family and a good investment for the future.
I feel you, it’s a tough decision (one of many you’ll need to go trough in both case scenarios).

So, let me help you take this important decision by giving you the pros and cons of both options:


Our professional recommendation:
Compare the specific houses or plots economically with an expert in order to take into account all the assets and issues of each option before deciding.
Then take a decision and don’t look back, just have faith in the process you’ve gone trough to take this important decision.

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Hope this post ‘Buy a plot to build a single-family house’ is helpful!
(Leave a comment below if you need more info)

Best of luck on this adventure.
See you on the next post,



Founder of ERA architects 

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