What is the blower door test?

What does it do?

How much does it cost in Barcelona?

Why is the Blower Door important for a Passive House?

Here we tell you the bases of the blower door test, its importance and its price.

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What is the Blower Door?

The Blower Door test measures the tightness of a building.
In other words, it measures whether the building is airtight in order to guarantee that it does not have air losses due to infiltration or thermal bridges.
This is important because it ensures that the building does not lose heat in winter.
The Blower Door test is mandatory for any standard of very low energy consumption (according to standard EN 13829)

What does it do?
The Blower Door test measures the air flow creating an interior-exterior pressure difference of 50Pa

How much does it cost?
Each blower door test costs between €450 and €590+VAT (depending on location)(2020 price).
2 tests are usually done when building a passive house from scratch (new builds).
In case you need a blower door test to test the pathologies, the price could increase 500€.

Why is it important?
Certifying your house means guaranteeing that you will have a temperature throughout the year between 20 and 26ºC thanks to solar gains in winter, the insulated and hermetic envelope and finally sufficient sun protection in summer.
Actually, it means ensuring that the construction has been done well and that the house does not have infiltration losses or thermal bridges.


Our professional recommendation:
In our Architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we recommend certifying the passive house to give it greater value in a growing market of houses with almost zero consumption and to do so following the passive house criteria defined by the Passive House Institute.

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