How to enhance your tourist apartment with interior design in 3 keys?

In this post we explain the 3 keys to enhance your tourist apartment with interior design.

In case you still don’t know us, we introduce ourselves: we are ERA architects.
Actually, I’m Esther Rovira, an architect in Barcelona.
Throughout these years I have designed tourist apartments and co-living spaces for investors and individuals.

In this post you will find my explanation to maximize your tourist apartment in Barcelona or another city.
Hope my insight helps you!


1. Reduce corridors, maximize spaces

A person who travels and chooses to stay in your tourist apartment instead of a hotel, has already chosen a space larger than a hotel room.
During our vacation days we want to feel free, without restrictions, to be surprised by new ways of doing and living.
For example, the open kitchens work very well (besides, the guests barely cook, they prefer the tapas and the ‘’ of the restaurants in the city).

2. Create a unique atmosphere

Travelers who stay in tourist apartments want to live a different experience.
In reality, your tourist apartment is offering them a specific experience within their routine.
This must be enhanced with color and innovative distributions.

Perhaps in your home you prefer neutral, gray or beige colors.
That’s why it’s easy to offer a different experience using only color.
Color also helps us with search engines where THE PHOTO of your super apartment stands out from the rest.
And in the end, the guests retain the experience in a special way, with affection and that makes them repeat.

It has worked for us and our clients to offer more than just ikea furniture (which they may already have in their homes).
In our interior designs for tourist apartments in Barcelona we have created spaces such as:
– the hall dressing room with mezzanine bed
– the verbenera kitchen entrance
– the shower with compartments to the laundry closet located in the laundry room
– the suite with bathroom-toilet
– the door that turns and transforms the workspace into a home
And so according to the context of each space.


3. Light creatively

The lighting must accompany you and intuitively offer you where you should go according to what you want at any given moment.
This does not have to be expensive or exclusive to complex home automation systems. And I’ll show you with an example.
In our very first tourist apartment interior design project we had very little budget.
Basically he came to us just to do the installations.
So we designed the facility to create cabinet lamps out of hardware and called it Well, we won a lighting contest and it was published.
In other projects with a bigger budget, we have continued to put a lot of emphasis on lighting to create:
– backlit mezzanine-storage
– backlit false ceiling
– interior kitchen with exterior aesthetics
– rooms that illuminate corridors and living spaces
– Home automation floors that are dimly lit with a presence sensor at night


Our professional recommendation:
As Architects in Barcelona, ​​we recommend dedicating efforts to generating a unique experience through the interior design of your tourist apartment.
The reason why I have written this post is because our experience gives us proof that the value of differentiation is a long-term value in many ways.
And I give you 3 provable facts:
– our apartments have invoiced more than the previous year since 2008 (you are right, 2020 will be the first year that we will invoice less, but we continue working!)
– Airbnb invited us to their San Francisco offices with all expenses paid in 2014
– we have not had a single complaint from the neighbors
– We have promoted neighborhood businesses that are now popular in Google recommendations (Veiga bar 366 reviews)
– We have successfully overcome the repeated attempt by the Colau council to take away our activity license (2015 and 2016)


Hope this is helpful!
Best of luck on this adventure.
See you on the next post,


Founder of ERA architects 

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