Sustainable renovation upgrade tasks in Barcelona

Ready to turn your property into a sustainable home? We’re diving deep into sustainable renovation tasks for your single-family house. So you can have a list of basics to go trough. Let’s make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and oh-so-sustainable!
Feel free to use this index as your sustainable renovation guide.

  • Bye Gas! Hello Sustainable Future
  • Seal the Deal: Improve Air Tightness
  • Wrap Up: External Insulation
  • Windows of Opportunity: Efficiency and Shade
  • Hot Water Magic: Aerothermia
  • Climate Control: Minisplits or Heat Pumps?
  • Breathe Easy: Ventilate with Heat Recovery

May you don’t know us yet, let’s have a quick introduction: we’re ERA architects.
Actually, I’m Esther Rovira, architect and passive house designer in Barcelona and Catalonia building and renovating passive houses and positive houses.
In this post ‘Sustainable renovation upgrade tasks in Barcelona’, you’ll find the list of basics you need to know before you start your renovation in Barcelona. I hope it helps you! Let’s start exploring.

1. Bye Gas! Hello Sustainable Future

  • Task: Eliminate gas completely (you may use induction for your stove).
  • Why: Transitioning away from gas reduces your carbon footprint, promoting a cleaner and greener environment.

2. Seal the Deal: Improve Air Tightness

  • Task: Identify and seal air leakages.
  • Why: Enhanced air tightness boosts energy efficiency, keeping your home cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Wrap Up: External Insulation

  • Task: Insulate your home from the outside.
  • Why: External insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

4. Windows of Opportunity: Efficiency and Shade

  • Task: Replace windows and add blinds in South and West-facing areas.
  • Why: Energy-efficient windows and strategically placed blinds optimize natural light while minimizing heat gain, keeping your home comfortable also in summer.

5. Hot Water Magic: Aerothermia

  • Task: Install an aerothermia system for ONLY hot water production.
  • Why: Aerothermia harnesses renewable energy from the air, providing an eco-friendly solution for your hot water needs.

6. Climate Control: Minisplits or Heat Pumps?

  • Task: Opt for minisplits or heat pumps for heating and cooling.
  • Why Minisplits:
    • Energy Efficiency: Minisplits are more energy-efficient, saving you money while being kind to the environment (use gas R32).
    • Room-by-Room Control: Easy control allows personalized comfort in each room without any extra cost. Heatpumps can be controlled room-by-room with an extra cost.
    • Smart Connectivity: Minisplits connected to Wi-Fi enable remote monitoring and control, putting the power in your hands.

7. Breathe Easy: Ventilate with Heat Recovery

  • Task: Integrate a ventilation system with heat recovery.
  • Why: This system ensures a constant flow of fresh air while recovering heat from the outgoing air, maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment with renovated air with less pollution and higher oxygen levels while avoiding mold and smells.

Conclusion: A Sustainable home retreat in Barcelona Awaits

Envision a home where sustainability meets comfort, where each upgrade brings you closer to a greener lifestyle. By embracing these sustainable renovation tasks, you’re not just transforming your home; you’re contributing to a more sustainable planet. The air is cleaner, the energy is greener, and your home becomes a beacon of green-friendliness.

Remember, every small step counts. Your Barcelona home is on the path to becoming a sustainable sanctuary. Stay inspired, stay green! 🌿💚
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I hope this post ‘Sustainable renovation upgrade tasks in Barcelona’ is helpful and empowers you to take the next tinny step!.
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Best of luck on your positive home adventure.
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