ROOF EXTENSION design in Barcelona

(4995€ + 21% VAT)

Pre-project and pre-budget to build up to one floor over your building (up to 200m2 new built surface in Barcelona city; if it is bigger, add € 99 / m2 + VAT; if it is further away, add € 10 / km + VAT).


1 workshop-meeting with the client in our studio of Architecture in Barcelona, 1 digital presentation (during which all logical and objective comments from the client are collected) (substantial changes are not accepted after this meeting), 1 final digital presentation and 1 Final digital document. The final digital document includes: regulations check with City Hall and urban planning, simplified general plans of the extension (walls, surfaces and circulation cores), 2 simplified general sections, 2 simplified volumetric images, simplified previous facades, sunny and winter video-test in summer and winter of the general georeferenced volume and previous work budget (without structure or foundations), services and licenses.

Does NOT include

VAT, current status plans (2,5€/m2), other client reviews and changes (€ 85 / hr + VAT), physical copies of the project (€ 100 / copy), basic-executive project, licences, structural reinforcements, technical plans, basic structure project (pre-dimensioned structural interventions and some simplified construction details = € 1.850 + VAT), structure measurements (€ 595 + VAT), nothing that is not specified in the previous section.


2 payments (1st to the hiring of the service € 3.500 + VAT, 2nd before delivering the final digital documents € 1.495 + VAT). We could also take care of the geobiological study from € 500 + VAT.

We love clients who share their ideas and add value to the project with their logical vision, vital experience and consistency. On the other hand, we do not accept subjective or illogical changes that do not add value to the project (and of course we do not work out of regulations, unsustainable designs or suggestions that do not go aligned with the recommendations of the technical specialists). If you know exactly what you want and need someone to draw and budget your plans: we are not your team of professionals (thanks anyway for your interest in our projects!, we are sure you will find the team of professionals that fit your needs best).

Click the following to receive an example of the final digital document to turn your building or house into an efficient house, passive house or even positive house.

EXAMPLE of ROOF EXTENSION pre-design service

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