What is a geobiologic study and how much does it cost?

In this post we tell you the basics of geobiological studies.

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What is a geobiological study?
A geobiological study is an overview of the environmental influences that can influence people’s health.
These influences are studied, measured and interpreted in order to help build a future home as healthy as possible.

What is taken into account in a geobiological study?
In a geobiological study, the following are studied:
– groundwater
– geological faults
– mineral deposits and cavities

What includes a geobiological study?
It includes an analysis of the subsoil using dowsing techniques, which can be supplemented with technical devices.
The results are drawn on a plan provided by the client.

What is measured in a geobiological study?
The radiation produced by:
– Low frequency alternating magnetic fields: Generated ambient alternating current
for electrical installations, transformers, motors.
– electromagnetic waves: Generated by mobile telephony, mobile communication of
data, broadcasting, radars.
– Radioactivity of the ground: Generated by stones, tiles, appliances, etc.

What is our geobiological study based on?
In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, we based the analysis according to the SBM 2015 protocol of the Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit (IBN) that establishes precautionary values ​​that are identified with the health of the habitat.
All measurements are made exclusively with professional technical equipment.

What is the price of a geobiological study?
So what’s the geobiologic study price in Barcelona and Andorra?
The quote for geobiology and radiation measurement and travel services in Barcelona province is around:
– € 500 + VAT for flats up to 90m2
– € 400 + VAT for land up to 900m2 (flat, unlocked and with easy accessibility)
For Andorra you may add 200€ more.
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At ERA architects, a report with plan, measurements, references and recommendations is delivered 15 days after the date of the on-site visit.

          estudio geobiologico ERA arquitectos

My professional recommendation:
Before building a new house, it is worth knowing what levels of electromagnetic radiation have the different areas of the land to be able to locate the rest areas well and ensure a good rest for your whole family.
In the event that you live in an apartment, you should know that in large cities high voltage lines pass under the street. Also the telephone antennas that you may have facing a window can affect your sleep.

Let me tell you a story:
Recently in Barcelona we did the geobiological study for a full building in Eixample.
We found that there was a high-voltage line buried less than 1m away from the façade of the building (it is normally 2-3m away from the façade). This made the rooms on the first floor, with higher values ​​of 300nanoTesla in the beds facing the façade.
With long term exposure of these values ​​there is an increased risk of childhood leukemia (stated by the OMS).
Then, we recommended the residents on the first floor not to place children’s bedrooms in the front bedrooms.

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