What is construction management? What’s the price in Barcelona?

Why do you save money and incidents by hiring the service of construction management?

How does construction management works in Barcelona?

In this post we explain the basic notions of construction management.
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What is the construction management?

It is the process of planning, coordination, supervision and control of a construction project.
The stages are design, pre-construction, acquisition, construction and occupation of the owner.
The work management focuses on:

  • determine the tasks of the project
  • create the project calendar
  • assign resources
  • identify risks
  • prevent risks
  • monitor tasks, resources and risks


Why is work construction important?

Construction management is a control resource of the site works.
It serves to minimize the agents responsible for construction and centralize decision making.
It is proven to prevent incidents and solve problems before they appear.
All this makes the work process develop without surprises and within a defined price and time.


What does the Construction Manager that the architect can not do?

The tasks of our architect, the project manager, are focused on ensuring that the work complies with the stipulations of the project, complying with all the regulations required and for which it is responsible.
On the other hand, the project manager organizes money and tasks on site to achieve what the architect defines in her project.
Thus, the tasks of the project manager or project manager are:

  • Define actions
  • Estimate tasks
  • Schedule jobs
  • Control costs
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage quality
  • Manage the risks
  • Control incidents
  • Manage decision making

The goal of the Construction Manager is the success of the built project.
The goal of the architect is that the project built follows the project approved by client, professional associations and administration.
The success for construction manager is a work without serious incidents within the calendar and budget.
The success for the architect is that the work is done according to the project.


What is the price of construction management in Barcelona?

In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects we offer turn-key project management services for 19% of the value of the work for minimum projects of € 50,000 + VAT.
Our experience in construction shows us that a construction manager is the best option not only to meet the budget and schedule, but also to centralize commitments and responsibilities.
It is possible that your brother-in-law has recommended that in order to save some money, you may buy yourself the materials.
Whatever your brother-in-law says, this is a very serious error for three reasons:

  • The houses of materials have special prices only for construction professionals
  • If you ask for the material, it is more than likely that one of these things happens: that you ask for the wrong material, that you ask for less square meters, that material do not arrive on time, that some piece was not included, that the material does not enter through the door, that it is heavy and it is delivered in the street, that it needs to be taken up to your apartment floor. All this will generate incidents, calendar delays and budget increases.
  • In case in the future that material cracks, inflates, brokens or needs some repair; you will not be able to ask for responsibilities neither from the materials house nor from the installer.


In our architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, our main objective is the total success of the project and construction. For this reason, we avoid being involved in mixed agent construction works. We recommend to hire construction management services to minimize risks and to guarantee schedule and budget.

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