What comfort criteria must my new home meet?

What is comfort?

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What does comfort mean?

Comfort is the set of material conditions that provide well-being or comfort.


What comfort criteria are taken into account when designing a house?

There are different ways to assess these criteria.
In this section we will base ourselves on the criteria of the European standard EN ISO 7730 and the criteria of the Passive House Institute.
ISO 7730 is based on thermal wellness.
Define this condition as satisfaction with the thermal environment according to 6 factors:

  • air temperature
  • radiant temperature
  • airspeed
  • humidity
  • surround
  • activity

The standard defines each of these points in a very technical way and in this post we will not go into detail.
Technicalities aside and generalizing a lot, for good comfort inside the house, these conditions must be met:

  • temperature throughout the year between 20 and 26ºC
  • air renewal 0.33Wh/m3k
  • relative humidity between 40-60%
  • insulated envelope, are neither leaks nor thermal bridges
  • CO2 levels less than 1000ppm

Our professional recommendation:

In our Architecture studio in Barcelona, ​​we recommend building houses with maximum levels of comfort following the passive house criteria defined by the Passive House Institute.


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