Project Description

The ask:
Design of a tourist apartment in Barcelona to create a diaphanous, flexible and fun environment with furniture to rent.

The value of our design:
The apartment is inspired by a Spring party on a terrace of the Barcelona Eixample neighbourhood.
The entrance opens to the kitchen and a sculptural staircase to store shoes and jackets.
Behind the furniture we find the double dressing room, which opens through two perforated sliding doors that generate a ‘moire’ optical effect in movement.
Both dressing room corridos access the bedroom and the main bathroom.
The open kitchen is framed between the wall and a bar table made of white marble.
The bar accompanies us to the small hallway that encloses the original billet wall that accompanies us to the living room.
The living room opens to the gallery and the patio thanks to an important structural reinforcement.
The coral gallery sifts the light of the room giving joy to the furniture and luminaries we have chosen for this party.

Diseño apartamento turístico

Team: Esther Rovira, Aitana Mulero and Jorge Martín
Photo: Hugo Finlay
Builder: Construcciones Chantier

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