Ventilated facade: what is it? what’s the price €/m2?

What is a ventilated facade? What’s the price €/m2?

Why is it the most recommended type of facade?


In this post we explain the types of facades and our recommendations.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
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In this post you can find our professional and simple explanation of ventilated facades and our recommendations.


What is a ventilated facade?
It is a constructive system consolidating its high quality, aesthetic possibilities and its great advantages of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The ventilated facade system consists of:

  • inner base (wall or inner sheet)
  • insulation (anchored panel or projected foam)
  • ventilated camera
  • outer sheet structure
  • outer sheet (coating)


How does the ventilated façade work?

The sun hits the outer leaf.
Part of the radiation is reflected.
Part of the radiation is absorbed by the outer leaf, which heats up and emits its heat inwards.
The ventilated chamber causes the heat to rise and be in constant movement.
Thus, this hot air, when moving, also takes with it part of the heat.
The insulation makes it difficult for the remaining heat to pass inside.

In winter, the insulation prevents the heat generated inside from escaping.
The air chamber is more tempered than the outer face.



It can oscillate a lot according to the chosen external material. Not only for the price of this exterior material but also for the type of anchoring needed. If you weigh more you will need a sturdier and stainless steel anchor. Whereas if it is a lighter and wooden ametrial can admit a substructure of small wooden profiles.

In our Architecture firm in Barcelona ERA architects, we are able to verified that the price of a ventilated façade in Barcelona area ranges between € 85/m2 (with point anchoring) and up to € 200/m2 (with stainless steel anchor).

As you can see, the price has a very wide range of possibilities according to the final material chosen.

In the next post, we will tell you about the types of ventilated façade finishes on the market and our recommendations.
We read next week!

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