Remodel an apartment in Barcelona

Do you want to remodel your home in Barcelona?

Do you want to know how much it costs to remodel your home in Barcelona?

Do you want to know how long it takes to remodel your home in Barcelona?

Do not know where to start?

If you ask yourself these questions, we start you in the world of remodeling in Barcelona in 4 simple steps:

1) Check that your location allows remodeling
You can check what type of affectation your home has by inserting the address in the Barcelona City Council LINK to do a previous consultation of works in your site. Making this query is not binding and does not force you to do anything, so do not be afraid to try different configurations if it helps you.

If you get a result of Comunicado Inmediato, the process is easy and fast.
In our architecture studio ERA architects, we takes between 10 and 21 days to present the project to the client according to the surface and necessary prior consultations. We count the time from the first payment. The professional architecture service includes: the first free 1hr meeting to understand your needs, taking measurements and photos, digitalization of the plans, proposal and digital presentation in our studio. If the client sees everything well and there are no substantial changes, in 10 days we have processed the Comunicado Inmediato handed in the Barcleona City Hall.

If you get Comunicado Diferido, count 1 and a half months before starting the works. If you get a Informe de Patrimonio, count between 3 and 12 months more before you start the works.

According to the result of this consultation, in our architecture studio ERA architects, we charge a minimum of 4,500€ (+ 21%IVA) for the design and processing of the direct work release. You can find cheaper professionals in Habitissimo and similar web platforms. We only work on standards of the highest quality of service and creativity. You can check the references of previous clients and our ERA architects style of executed projects of our web.

2) Construction budget
The budget depends a lot on what is to be done. But to give you a general idea, it can range between 500€/m2 and 1,000€/m2 (plus 21%IVA).
If you only want to make the bathroom count from € 2,000 forward.
If you only want to make the kitchen count from € 3,000 forward.

3) Construction time
A reform in Barcelona for an apartment between 65 and 120m2 can take between 4 and 18 months.
To my experience, the speed and economy of a work can vary wildly if certain aspects are controlled:

3.1) Have a clear priority list
If there is more than one person making decisions about the reform, it is very important that they agree on the list of priorities. I have often met couples or up to 4 partner owners who had no basic decisions and this has lengthened, complicated and brutally increased the work.

3.2) Choose a good architect that you trust
Avoid the cheapest. Check that there are projects done on the web, not just digital images. Ask for references. Speak directly with the manager to confirm synergies.

3.3) Be advised by the technicians
Respects the chain of decision making and communications: owner-architect, architect-builder, constructor-installer.
That is, the property must talk to the designer to make decisions. These decisions will be communicated to the builder and the builder will communicate them to the person who performs each job in detail according to the architect’s quality standards. If you skip this logic, the project can have serious and expensive problems to solve.

3.4) Choose a good construction company
Ask for closed budgets. Avoid jobs per hour. Compare 3 quotes with exactly the same materials and quality standards. Compare not only the price, but also the speed of the answer, the conditions and the synergies with the person contacted. Avoid choosing the cheapest constructor. Ask for references and visit previous works. Speak directly with the boss and avoid commercials.
I personally like to choose builders who get wet, if they come with the van, they are dressed in construction and have dirty hands to work is a very good sign.

3.5) Simplify
If you simplify the number of agents responsible for the project, you simplify communications and save problems, errors and many incidents.
In other words, try to find a team that offers you one of these added values:
– resolutive architect with a wide network of contacts
– architect who also offers construction management service or even a builder
– architect and builder team who have worked together before
– builder and construction manager are the same person
– head of the construction site gets his hands dirty and personally execute some details

3.6) Avoid changes during construction works

4) Where do I start?
You can start by sharing certain aspects of your future home with your soci following these 5 tips:
1) Define a list of basic priorities and one of desirable ones (if there is more than one person in the decision making, do it first individually and then put it in common helps to discover what each one wants without any influence)
2) Share images of spaces, furniture, colors … that you like
3) Define a maximum and comfortable budget based on the plan and real possibilities
4) Stay with 2-3 architects in the house to reform, showing them all the previous information and invite them to share their ideas as well
5) Choose an architect who speaks clearly, transmits trust, honesty and likes what you have done before

EXTRA) Is there financial aid for housing reform in Barcelona?
Well, lucky you, there are grants for projects delivered in 2017.
This month of December you can still apply for economic helps to remodel your apartment in Barcelona in this LINK.


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Esther Rovira Raurell
Fundadora & directora creativa


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