Prefabricated houses in Barcelona

How to find prefabricated houses in Barcelona? How much do they cost? Is it worth it?

Do you want to save time and money when building your house close to Barcelona?


In this post we explained the basic notions in design, architecture, construction and prices of prefabricated houses.
In case you still do not know us, we introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the young, committed and creative studio of architects Barcelona.
In this post you can find our professional and simple explanation of what a prefabricated house is.


What is a prefabricated house?

Prefabricated houses are homes manufactured in advance outside of their place of delivery, and subsequently sent to their final location for their final assembly.
It is very common to have the idea of ​​the house on a truck already made and with the curtains placed, but it is an outdated image that has nothing to do with reality.
There are many systems of prefabrication and qualities:

  • Complete 3D prefabricated system
  • Prefabricated 3D + assembly system (the house is manufactured by transportable parts, it is moved to its location and mounted)
  • 2D prefabricated system + assembly + finishes (the four facades, the ceiling and the ground are manufactured to then mount them in their location and put finishes)


How long does it take to build a prefabricated house?

The process of a house with a traditional system can be extended up to 1 year on and on.
Depending on the system used, the prefabricated house can take 5 months to be manufactured, transferred, mounted and connected.
These systems are having a boom and you have to tell them that the most renowned have a waiting list.


In our architects Barcelona studio, we recommend making prefabricated houses in wood.

If you choose a prefabricated house, we recommend that you also consider that it is a passive house with a wooden base and visualization in Virtual Reality.

In the next publication we will explain the standards of Virtual Reality and why we, as professionals, offer and recommend this option to all our clients.
We read next week!

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