Metal facade for a house in Barcelona

Want a metal facade for a house in Barcelona?

What advantages does it have?

What is the price €/m2?


In this post we explain the metal as facade material.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
We are ERA architects, one of the young, committed and creative architecture studios in Barcelona.
In this post you can find our simple explanation of the metal facade for your house.


Maybe you’re interested to know that this is the 6th post of a special series named Facades.
We leave you here the previous posts: ‘Facades’‘Ventilated facade’ and ‘Insulating’
In these posts we tell you the reasons to recommend the ventilated facade for your home.
This type of facade is able to have a wide range of finishes as explained in the post: ‘Facade Materials’
One of our favorite materials for the ventilated façade is the metal facade. Bellow we tell you why.



Why do we like the metal facade for a house in Barcleona?
Metal is a malleable, perforable, affordable material and to which you can almost any color.
As architects it allows us a great variety of options that combined with a ventilated facade system offers us great benefits.


What advantages does it have?

Waterproof and resistant to liquids. With an absorption level close to zero.
Easily removable.
Normally delivered in pieces of 3m, 6m and up to 12m long and 1m wide with thicknesses from 2mm.
It means facades with greater uniformity and continuity since joints are minimized.
This also facilitates its handling and provides greater aesthetic and hygienic advantages.
Great variety of finishes from smooth and corrugated, to bright or matt, perforated or deformed …
Wide range of colors


What is the price €/m2 in Barcelona?

Wide variety of prices.
The most affordable façade is the pre-lacquered corrugated steel sheet that you can find from € 20/m2 (price only for material without installation or VAT).
From there there are endless options to reach the folded zinc and copper facades.
Copper in the rough is priced at almost € 8/kg …


Our professional recommendation:

In our Architecture studio in Barcelona ERA architects, we recommend choosing a corrugated steel cladding for the ventilated facade of your house in Barcelona to achieve a color effect with great performance at a very OK price.

In the following publications, we will tell you more extensively other types of facade cladding.
Read you next week!


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