Passive House in Barcelona

Want to make a house?

Want a passive house?

But, what is a passive house? How much it costs? Is it really worth it?

Want a house that filters out pollution and pollen?

You don’t know where to start?


In this post we explain the basic notions in design, architecture, construction and passive house certifications.
In case you still do not know us, let us introduce ourselves.
We are the Architecture firm in Barcelona ERA architects and we recommend making passive houses to all our clients.
In this post you can find our professional and simple explanations of what a passive house is. So…


What is a passive house?

Passive house is a house that complies with the regulations of the Passivhaus Institute.

These regulations are based on creating a waterproof home. This means that the house is perfectly isolated from the outside: with great insulation in walls, roofs and floors; avoiding any infiltration of air through windows or doors. In this way the control over what happens inside is maximum: temperature and air quality.

This system takes full advantage of the Sun’s energy to air-condition indoor air, reducing heating consumption in winter. In summer the house is protected from the sun and it is not necessary to use air conditioning as the house is automatically ventilated by renewing its air with a double air flow system.

These resources make the house always fresh air renewed and at a temperature between 20 and 25 ° both in winter and in summer in cold and warm climates. This saves up to 70% in air conditioning consumption. This can mean up to € 2,500 / year of savings in heating and cooling.


How much does a passive house cost?

We can establish that a new construction home costs around € 1000/m2.
Building a new construction passive house costs around € 1250/m2.
If you want to certify your passive house, you must add an additional cost of €3,000 for a specialist team to certify that your house stands all the Passiv Haus Institute.


Extras: the passive house takes care of you

The passive house uses a double flow air renewal system.
This system allows to apply filters to the air that enters from the outside.
Thus, you can prevent polluting particles and pollen from entering your home.


In our Architecture firm in Barcelona ERA architects, we recommend making efficient and passive houses in wood.

Even so, you should know that there are many construction systems that affect time, price and cost of maintaining a home.
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If you choose a passive house, we recommend you to consider it in wood prefabricated systems.
In the next publication we will explain the standards of prefabricated wooden passive houses.
Read you next week!


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